Download Updoc and keep track of your health symptoms, measurements, medications and examinations easily while you are on the go.

Log everything
Add any symptom, measurement, medication or examination easily at any time anywhere
Track your progress
Check your monthly or yearly or all time charts of any measurement or symptom you have logged
Export your data
Export any symptoms, measurements or examinations you select in pdf format
Send your data to your doctor easily at any time or share with friends or anybody you want to get advice from
How it works
Monitor your symptoms on the go

Feeling dizzy or nauseous? Suffering from headaches or stomachache? Having noticed anything unusual happening to your body? Monitor everything at any hour, any moment of the day and share with your doctor at your next appointment.

Keep track of all your measurements

Do you have fever? Do you keep track of your glucose levels or TSH levels? You can record all your measurements in one place at anytime and monitor how they evolve.

Record all your medications

Have you ever kept track of your medications and the side effects you had? Have some medications worked better than others? Record any medication you take at any time of the day and combine that information with the symptoms you monitor right after.

Log all your examinations

Do you have a hard time finding all the medication examinations that you have ever taken? You can now easily take a picture of your exams and add them to the Updoc application. This way you can find them and share them with your doctors at any time.

Quick access
Just log in to Updoc and with a couple of clicks enter any information you want at any place, anytime
Ease of use
Enter symptoms, measurements, medications or exams easily or just take a quick picture with your camera and save
Track the progress of your health easily and keep all your information safe in one place
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